Our Story

A Personal Journey

The Goood Company was officially founded in 2020. Our Journey, however started much earlier after we decided to be a part of change catalyst to improve the healthcare system. As a child, I personally witnessed several of my family members falling ill for reasons that was unknown to me back then. This intrigued me to figure how may I avoid similar fate. What I personally learned and experienced was how healthy food and regular exercise improved my over feeling and emotional connectivity to my body. College and later my experience in the medical field provided my eventual breakthrough understanding. I realized that the Health Care system is extremely ineffective, if not broken.


Our current Health Care system primarily focuses on Diagnostic Care, rather than Preventive Care. Whereas Diagnosis Care focused of identifying and fixing existing physical and mental ailment; Preventive Care aims to improves and maintain our body’s natural chemical, physical and emotional balance. This is turn creates and builds a viable environment conducive to preventing the onset of “hereditary” and “non-hereditary” diseases. 

As a Mother and a Caregiver

After becoming a mother, I realized how delicate the human body is and the importance of nourishing the body. I experienced my children enduring severe reactions from foods that were recommended from their medical providers or from what I was taught to consider healthy. After becoming the owner of a childcare center, it then became apparent to me that what I’ve been experiencing with my children are the same of other parents. The difference is that I found a solution whereas others found treatments—diagnostic care. Majority of allergies, disorders, and illnesses are caused by what goes in the body whether it be via inhalation, orally, topically, or ones surrounding.  

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